Navy Club Ship 40

Kenosha Wisconsin

Here are the names and home towns as well as the branch of military they served and their duty stations of the 50 men from Wisconsin who died as a direct result of the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941 retrieved from  US Archive Records.

Those who died from Wisconsin at Pearl Harbor were members of the US Navy(USN), US Marine Corp (USMC) and US Army Air Corp (USAAC)

 Name                             Service Unit     Home Town    Duty Station
 1. Amundson, Leo D.                USMC      La Crosse        Arizona
 2. Barber, Leroy K.                   USN        New London    Oklahoma
 3. Barber, Malcom J.                 USN        New London    Oklahoma
 4. Barber, Randolph H.              USN        New London    Oklahoma
 5. Bovial, Walter R.                   USN         Delavan          Arizona
 6. Boxrucker, Lawrence A.         USN         Stetsonville      Oklahoma
 7. Bruesewitz, William G.           USN         Appleton          Oklahoma
 8. Buss, Robert P.                     USAAC     Darlington        Wheeler Field
 9. Church, Leroy E.                   USAAC      Baraboo           Hickam Field
10. Clendenning, Leo I.              USAAC      Rib Lake           Hickam Field
11. Connelly, Keefe R.                USN          Markesan         Oklahoma
12. Cox, Gerald C.                      USN          Racine             Arizona
13. Curtis, Lyle C.                       USN          Glidden            Arizona
14. Davis, Frederick C.                USN          Orfordville        Nevada
15. Dieckhoff, Douglas R.            USN          Neenah            Utah
16. Doernenburg, Kenneth E.      USN          Antigo              Oklahoma
17. Drefahl, Elmer E.                  USMC        Milwaukee        Oklahoma
18. Ehlert, Casper                       USN          Sheboygan       Arizona
19. Field, Arnold E.                     USAAC      Beloit               Hickam Field
20. Gazecki, Phillip R.                  USN         Menasha           Arizona 
21. Geise, Marvin F.                    USN          Beloit               Arizona
22. Hansen, Harvey R.                 USN          Racine             Arizona
23. Hanson, Helmer A.                 USN         La Crosse         California
24. Heath, Alford G.                     USN         Spencer            Arizona
25. Herrick, Paul E.                      USMC       Kenosha            Arizona
26. Hess, Darrell M.                      USN         La Crosse          Arizona
27. Hilt, Frederick A.                     USN         Loyal                West Virginia
28. Juedes, William A.                   USN         Oshkosh            Utah
29. Karabon, Joseph N.                  USN        Milwaukee          Utah
30. Klubertanz, RodericK O.            USAAC     Sun Prairie         Hickam Field

31. Kramer, Harry W.                     USN         Chippewa Falls   California
32. Lewison, Neil S.                        USN         Melrose             Arizona
33. Mc Laughlin, Herbert E.             USAAC      Shawno            Hickam Field
34. Mulhofski, Joseph A.                  USN         Kewaunee         Pennsylvania
35. Naegle, George E.                     USN         La Crosse          Oklahoma
36. Newman, Laxton G.                   USN         Crivitz               NAS-Kaneohe
37. Nicoles, Frank E.                        USN        Eau Claire          Oklahoma
38. Nusser, Raymond A.                   USN        Oshkosh            Arizona
39. Philipsky, Thomas F.                   USAAC    Horicon              Hickam Field
40. Plant, Donald D.                         USAAC    Wausau              Wheeler Field
41. Przybysz, Alexander J.                 USN        Milwaukee          California
42. Riley, David J.                            USN        Juda                  Oklahoma
43. Rogness, Halcor E.                      USAAC    Frederic             Hickam Field
44. Shattuck, Robert R.                     USAAC    Blue River          Wheeler Field
45. Szurgot, Edward F.                      USN       Milwaukee           California
46. Thinnes, Arthur R.                       USN       Milwaukee           Oklahoma
47. Uhrenholdt, Andrew C.                 USN       Seeley                 Arizona
48. Walkowiak, Robert N.                   USN       Milwaukee           Oklahoma
49. Wallace, James F.                        USN        Adams                Arizona
50. Wallen, Earl D.                            USMC      Green Bay            California

Each and every casualties name is on a brick which is fashioned into the "staff" of the anchor. Each brick was purchased by a Grateful Citizen or group.

On a motion before the Navy Club Ship 40-Kenosha, which was seconded and approved unanimously by the membership of Navy Club Ship 40-Kenosha, all names on the Pearl Harbor Memorial are Honorary Members of Navy Club Ship 40-Kenosha. This memorial was dedicated on September 2, 2000 (VJ Day) and Navy Club Ship 40-Kenosha has held Pearl Harbor Remembrance Ceremonies each year since.


Stanley N. Valentine was the "brains" behind this memorial and Thomas A. Frdericksen did all of the research. This was Stanley's memorial to all his "Shipmates" he left at Pearl Harbor.